for Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Energy, Occupational Health and Safety

Main principle and endmost aim of the commercial and industrial company of PET resin and preforms POLISAN HELLAS S.A is the ultimate satisfaction of all its interested parties- customers (internal and external) through the optimum cooperation of all parties engaged.

The execution of all operational activities of the company is taking place under the best possible conditions, so as to achieve excellent quality of provided services and products by preventing, reducing or eliminating accidents, dangerous incidents or threats, dangers, risks and factors that may have negative impact on operations performance or harm human health and safety, environment and energy efficiency or/and food safety, while identifying and exploiting opportunities contributing to the continuous improvement of the system and the satisfaction of all interested parties.

The Management of POLISAN HELLAS S.A is committed to proceed in all appropriate actions so as to:

  • Comply with all relevant compliance obligations (applicable laws and regulatory requirements and provisions of Greek or/and European, International Law related to company’s activities and services-products and other requirements)
  • Prevent and disincline accidents, incidents, threats, risks and factors that may have negative impact to quality of provided services and products or could harm human health and safety (prevention of injury and ill health, with simultaneously commitment to consultation with and participation of workers in work health & safety related issues and provision of safe and healthy working conditions), environment (environment protection, prevention of pollution and reduction of adverse environmental impacts),energy efficiency or/and food safety and consumer health, while ensuring appropriate and effective internal and external communication where required, on all relevant issues with all interested parties.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Operating Management System, related to Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Energy Performance as well as Occupational Health & Safety, exploiting relevant opportunities, maintaining, updating and utilizing organizational knowledge and supporting activities and the planning, implementation and use of infrastructures, products and services that influence and contribute positively to the above.

In order the POLISAN HELLAS S.A objectives and commitments to be accomplished, all employees of the company are personally responsible to follow and implement, on a daily basis, the associated Operating Management System, contributing directly and decisively - each one in his own field - in company’s continuous improvement, in all interested parties service and satisfaction and to comply with legal or other requirements.

POLISAN HELLAS S.A sets and periodically reviews the general and operational objectives and targets and provides the appropriate resources, facilities, equipment and tools in order to continuously achieve: employee training, development and competence, services and product quality and processes improvement, customer support and service, optimum cooperation with suppliers - external providers, environmental protection and energy saving, occupational health and safety, food safety and consumer health.

Çağdaş Saygı - Country Manager